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Jenkins and I. Flash Fiction

I decided to try another 250 word flash fiction based on the writing prompt provided here by Indies Unlimited. The entries are in the comment section.

Here is my entry…

I heard a branch snap behind me. Swinging around, I squeezed the trigger of my flamethrower and a two inch stream of flaming, jellied death filled the woods.

I signaled to Jenkins, twenty-five feet off my right flank. Again, we were moving.

We trotted through flaming grass and twigs. Fog from the nerve gas dropped that morning mixed with the smoke from the flames, turning day into night.

If we make it to the water before dark, we have a chance, I thought. Sweat poured over my face behind the helmet. The safesuits were heavy, adding seventy pounds to our already tired bodies.

The terrain was rugged, but familiar. It took two hours to traverse a rise, moving at a steady pace. There was no use conserving energy for a future now uncertain. I wondered what Jenkins was thinking. If optimism prevailed as it did inside me.We looked at the smoldering valley we had just escaped. A trickle of sweat ran down the center of my back and I winced when it stung a patch of skin rubbed raw by the gas tanks. Without words or hand signals, we turned and resumed East, knowing both the enemy, and the smog of nerve agent carried by the wind, would follow.

At dusk we found our boat. While I prepared the sails, Jenkins waded along the shore, washing her safesuit of agent. Once clean, she removed her helmet and shook her hair loose.

She smiled. “We made it.”

Now go here and vote. Indies Unlimited Weekly Flash Fiction Vote

I wanna give a quick shout to Jacquelin at Happy Endings Editing for taking a look at this piece for me. She’s new to the editing business but not new to editing.


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