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The sun is down and the sky to the West is awash in hues of pink, cobalt, vibrant blue, and four shades of gray. The warmth of the day is pushed aside by cool air.

“Two more, dad.”

“Two more. It’s getting cold.”

I throw him two more pop-ups and he catches both, basket style. It’s not how you’re supposed to catch pop-ups but I let it go. He’ll learn. Time. Catching a baseball will become instinctive for him this summer. Which way to hold the glove when the ball approaches above the waist, or below. It clicked for his older sister two years ago and I was filled with joy, joy that only a baseball lover would appreciate.

“One more.” He’d play all night if I let him.

The street lights are on. I hear the distant laugh of kids. The hum of yard equipment. Someone is getting a jump on summer.

It’s the simplest of things. Playing catch, or riding bikes, or pulling them in a wagon, the wheels clicking on the joints of the sidewalk.

It’s the cumulation of simple things that make a life. 


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3 thoughts on “Spring

  1. I love this! I just taught my girls to play baseball on Easter and they loved it. Their favourite part, and mine, was when they would load the first two bases and every time I saw my sister move a little too close, I’d wack a home run over her head. They’d never smiled so big. 🙂 So, is this piece of yours fictional or real?

    • Ha! You must be quite a hitter, Christa. I bet your girls will remember that forever.

      Yes, this was a piece of non-fiction, inspired by an evening of playing catch with my son. He’s 7, and super excited to be learning more about the game. As a matter of fact, yesterday he broke a wooden bat hitting one of his sister’s softballs. He was proud of that. Ha!

      Thanks for once again for stopping by and commenting.

      Who is your favorite baseball team?

      • I’d bet that thrilled your son!

        I don’t watch baseball actually. I love to play though. I had to put the “soft”ball away after my daughter missed a few catches. Lol. My youngest daughter is seven too. Everything just started clicking for her this year. Riding a bike… playing catch… hitting a pitched ball. Fun times. 🙂

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