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500 Words a Day

I need more focus. I jump from email to twitter to youtube to facebook (That was a joke, I never jump on facebook.) and pretty soon I’ve wasted an hour, and that’s being conservative. So when I saw Jeff Goins’ 500 Words A Day Challenge I decided right away this is what I need right now.

I have six half written short stories that I need to finish and I have ideas for about six more that I need to write and unburden my brain of. Not to mention a half-written long piece that is gathering dust. So plenty to work on. And 500 words a day is easy, if I make it a priority over the other distractions.

By the way, I checked Twitter five times while writing this. Off to a good start!


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6 thoughts on “500 Words a Day

  1. Man oh man. This is me.
    I’ve witten 5000 good words in a day, but, if I’m not in the mood then every conceivable distraction makes its way into my field of view.

    PS: 10,000 words a day is my constant striving target. Just FYI.

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