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He Left, He Had To (Very Short Fiction)


His reason for leaving defied logic but was actually quite simple, he loved her too much. She would leave him eventually, it was inevitable in his mind. When one is more in love than the other they are vunerable. They  risk being used, left, foresaken. He’d been on the other side, the side that didn’t care as much and he was more comfortable with that role. So on a sunny, summer day, the sky blue and cloudless, a perfect contrast to his emotions, he packed his clothes, wrote a note, and left. It was a form of self preservation, a risk, one he would regret daily, for all the days ahead.

Image, Edward Weston, Nude, 1936.


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3 thoughts on “He Left, He Had To (Very Short Fiction)

  1. I love this. Evocative. Beautifully tragic, and real.

  2. This is pure emotions. You can’t help but feel the angst in this. Just simply good K.

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