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Late last week I received an email from a friend.  First, she informed me of her new blog–  Nothing Better Than Now Then, without caution, informed me that my blog would be better served if I planted flowers around it, like a fighter jet outside a museum. One  who’s service is no longer needed. I agreed, I had let it die.  Her kick in the ass caused me to think about things,  consistency of my writing, and consistency in my life overall.  
My wife would argue that I’m very consistent.  I’m a constent PITA around the house, that’s consistent.  I stop to Kroger every Friday for post workout sushi, that’s consistent.  And I annoyingly pound the bottom of the lotion bottle each night, desperate to nourish my dry hands and face before another day of working outside (She hates it).  So there are aspects of my life that are consistent. Some are even incredibly consistent, and I haven’t even mentionioned booze.
But there are two aspects that I want, no, NEED to become more consistent with.  Writing, that’s already been established, and eating.  Yes, eating.  Not just any kind of eating.  I’m already consistent at eating the wrong ways.  I need to become more consistent about clean eating.
I decided to blog about these two inconsistencies together because they cross paths almost every afternoon. As most of you know, I start work very early.  Yes, it sucks.  But on the bright side, I get home around noon and have the rest of the day to myself.  Well, not 100% to myself.  I still have a young son who requires care.  But for the most part, I have all afternoon to write.  So why has it been so hard to get the words down?  That’s easy to answer… I let anything and everything steal my attention.  This blog says it all  Hair Raising Tales  (Thanks Lucy).
So this morning I decided to blog.  If it wasn’t already taken by my Twitter namesake Ken,  I would name this post Random Thoughts At 4am, because that’s when they appeared in my head. Ken’s Blog  (Thanks Ken)
The frustrating part is, I know how to correct both, writing  and bad eating.   Lack of writing can be corrected by unplugging.  Turning off the distractions.  Bad eating is corrected with planning.  I need to have a plan that helps me avoid the afternoon temptation. So I know HOW, now I just need to DO.
I hope blogging, saying out loud, will force me to make strides in both directions.


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3 thoughts on “Consistency

  1. Well said. I know all about distractions 😉 I have several in my life, right now. Admitting it out loud will keep you accountable. Good luck, from one PITA to another! I think I’ll be a PITA, and remind you to get to work on your writing 😉

  2. Oh, thank you for mentioning my blog!! I appreciate ya!! Muah!!

  3. Kenny, well said. I’ve gotten a good swift kick in the pants from some of my twitter friends to get 1K words down a day. I’m not always there but sometimes I eek out 2K. I challenged a friend and my competitive nature has kept me to it. Plus I’m hoping to get this novel done by hurricane season in Sept!

    Good luck and get ‘er done. Your fans are waiting!!

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