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Learning New Things

Like I’ve said before, I read a lot of author’s blogs. I enjoy seeing how others fit writing into their otherwise busy lives. A high school friend of mine said he wakes at 3 am to get some writing done before the rest of the house wakes and steals away his quiet time. 

I’m still trying to master the consistency factor in my writing. I just finished a short story, and decided to try my hand at making a book cover for it. In them same blogs I mentioned, authors talk about how an effective book cover makes all the difference.  They also speak about how easy it it. When they say easy, they need to put an “*” and a footnote explaining, “It’s only easy if you have an ounce of graphic design software experience.  Otherwise it’s a pain in the ass.” I don’t have that “ounce.”

While spending hours trying to figure out copying, pasting, and erasing the white background from clip art, a new story came to me. I thought the characters out, put a few scenes together in my head, but haven’t had time to sit down and type. I find this more frustrating than having the time to type, but no story.

It’s a good lesson in time management. Spending hours on this when I should be doing that.  Editing the first chapter when I should be writing the second. But, in the end, it all has to get done. 


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3 thoughts on “Learning New Things

  1. lol I think the trick to getting it all fit together lies in patience and organized time management 🙂 Enjoyed chapter 2 but haven’t had the chance to provide constructive feedback. Keep the writing flowing 😛

  2. I’m writing my first book and learning a crap load. Especially how to take rejection. Good luck to you!

    • Thank you, Marie. Good luck with your writing. Rejection is part of it. Part of the learning and accepting the challenge to get better. I’ll be following your journey.

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