Don't Think, Just Write

A Man's Journey

The Lost Document

I have a bluetooth keyboard that I use with my phone if I’m away from home and want to get some words down.  Last night I was driving home from the gym and a nice little story came to me.  Nothing big, nothing that could be on the shelves of your local Borders someday. Did I just mention Borders?  Anyway, by the time I got home I had two character names picked out, and was ready to put some words down.

We only have one laptop in the house right now, the desktop is obsolete and unusable.  My wife wanted to check the kids grades, kinda important, so I set up my keyboard and started typing at the kitchen table.

It started slow, dinner was ready, then the kids had to be tucked in, but finally, I had a solid hour to type with plenty of ideas still swirling in my head.  I was using Quick Office instead of my usual My Writing Spot, after a friend told me how hard it was to convert in the future.  After about 1000 words my eyes grew weary and I went to bed.

I layed in bed planning the next move for the story and how it should end. Then I fell asleep.

I hit the button on my coffee maker and stood at the kitchen counter, my body still half asleep.  Then I remembered the story.  I wanted to read it real quick and see how it sounded after a nights sleep.  I opened Quick Word and looked in the recent documents, nothing.  I looked in the folder where I save everything, not there either.  Where was it?

I spent the first half hour of my workday clicking around and typing in search words, trying to locate the damn thing.  Still nothing.  So I did the next best thing, I searched the Market for a cloud service, downloaded it, and I will start the story over.  Lesson learned.


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