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I have decided to start a blog and put a few short pieces of my writing on here.  I named the blog Don’t Think Just Write because that was the first piece of advice I received when I had that,  I think I can write a novel  moment we are all familiar with.   Mine went more like, I read a lot of books and that somehow qualifies me to write one.  We all know there is way more to writing than just sitting in front of the keyboard and spitting out words.

You won’t find any writing advice here, there are about a million blogs out there for that.  But I am accepting advice.  That’s actually why I’m here, that and fear.

Since I started writing, over two years ago, I haven’t made any of my stuff public.  I’ve shared it with a few friends and fellow twitter writers but, to be honest, I never had the stones to put it, “Out There” for all to see.

My hope is that I’ll receive some feedback and ideas as to how I can improve.  I plan on putting up a few short stories and chapters from the two novels I’ve written.  I’d love to hear your opinions, good and bad.


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